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The tea leaves are removed from the plant at a young age, and often sheltered from the sun to prevent the production of Chlorophyll. These baby tea leaves are allowed no time for oxidation, and are dried immediately. White teas are mild and delicate flavor
White Peony Tea
This refined white tea, produced in the Fujian province, is hand picked and sun dried. When infused, it produces yellow liquor with an extraordinary fresh, sweet fragrance. White tea can be re-steeped up to three times.

Ingredients: white tea
Retail Tin
Weight: 2.4oz.
Servings: 23
Papaya Ginger
This fusion of white & green tea blended with papaya & pineapple evokes memories of tropical surf, sun & breezes. Each cupful is a healthy taste of sunshine with a touch of ginger

Ingredients: white tea, organic green tea, green tea, organic lemon myrtle, ginger, citrus peel, pineapple, anise, papaya, pomegranate, natural flavors, marigold, jasmine.
Retail Tin
Weight: 4oz.
Servings: 38